The ongoing conflict in Ukraine has created a humanitarian crisis, leaving many civilians needing medical attention. Yet, despite the difficult circumstances, some have acted to assist those in need. These individuals and organisations have shown incredible dedication and compassion, working tirelessly to bring aid and support to the people of Ukraine. Their efforts are a testament to the resilience and generosity of the human spirit in the face of adversity. One such organisation is Ambulances for Ukraine, founded by Khaled El Mayet, which aims to provide critical medical support to those affected by the conflict.

The mission has been facilitated with the help of dedicated partners, including K&M Global, Global Outreach Doctors, St John Ambulance, and Global Empowerment Mission. 

Ambulances for Ukraine

K&M Global has donated one ambulance and has been instrumental in the exporting, insurance, and logistics of transporting the ambulances from the UK to Ukraine. 

K&M Global and the partners have worked together to ensure that the ambulances are mechanically sound and loaded with relevant paperwork for safe transportation to Ukraine.

The initiative to send ambulances to Ukraine is made possible by the generosity of various donors who each bought an ambulance and the hundreds of people who donated to the fundraiser. 

Khaled El Mayet launched a JustGiving page on March 1, 2022, to further support the effort to raise funds to buy ambulances and drive them to the Poland/Ukraine border, where paramedics would take them into Ukraine.

We want to thank all of the donors for their generosity.

Ambulances for Ukraine

We have facilitated the transport of 18 ambulances, 8 neonatal incubators, 14 defibrillators, and over 4 tonnes of medical supplies into Ukraine. 

This collective effort has had an estimated value of over £290,000, significantly impacting critical medical assistance to those in need.

The ongoing conflict in Ukraine has taken a tragic toll on both civilians and aid workers. 


On February 2, 2023, Pete Reed, the Ukraine Country Director for Global Outreach Doctors (GoDocs), lost his life while actively aiding in evacuating Ukrainian civilians. 

In a statement, the President of GoDocs expressed deep sorrow at the loss of Reed, who was described as a visionary, leader, and compassionate care provider.

“He selflessly dedicated his life in service to others, especially those affected by disaster and war. Pete accomplished more in his 33 years than most of us in our entire lives. He leaves behind an incredible legacy.”

Pete’s death underscores the devastating impact of war on innocent civilians and highlights the importance of humanitarian and medical aid for affected communities. 

We are proud to be a part of a mission to send ambulances to Ukraine during this disaster. It is a testament to the power of collective action and the importance of humanitarian aid. 


We want to also thank the volunteers who drove the ambulances over to Poland safely:

Rob Holland

Jayne Holland

Nathan Evans

Laura Evans

Noah Evans

Lisa Hancock

Richard Topham

Nicholas Jones

Ambulances for Ukraine


The organisation’s dedication to ensuring the safe transport and readiness of the ambulances reflects their deep commitment to providing life-saving support to those affected by conflict and disaster.

As we continue to support the efforts of organisations like Ambulances for Ukraine and our partners, we must also recognise the impact of their work on the lives of countless individuals in need. 

Providing medical care and supplies is a crucial component of disaster relief. So it is heartening to see the tireless efforts of these organisations and how we can help to make a real difference in the lives of those affected by this ongoing crisis.

As we honour the legacy of Pete Reed, we must never forget the vital role that organisations like Ambulances for Ukraine, K&M Global and Global Outreach Doctors play in bringing hope and healing to communities worldwide.