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K&M Global are leading auto dismantlers in the commercial sector

When looking to retire your commercial vehicles or purchase commercial vehicle parts, K&M Global is here to help.

On our commercial breakers yard, you’ll find a strong team of auto dismantlers, working since 2017 as van breakers for the commercial sector.

The K&M Global team of dismantlers is here to help you find great prices on commercial vehicle parts. We provide a comprehensive van breakers service designed to suit the corporate world.

Commercial Vehicle Parts

You’ll find various van parts available at economical prices from dismantled vehicles on our commercial breakers yard. Our K&M Global team of dismantlers takes great care to preserve parts to the best of their ability as they work.

We’re confident you’ll find the essential parts you need at affordable prices by trusting our services as commercial van breakers. K&M global is the perfect choice for keeping costs manageable in these turbulent times.

Breaking Van

Why K&M Global?

There are many van breakers across the UK today. However, very few can claim to offer a truly commercial van breaking service as we do. Our founder Steven Dromsfield has over 20 years of experience in commercial van breaking, working on countless vehicles used in various sectors.

Steven heads up our auto dismantlers team with a focus and commitment to providing you quality commercial breakers parts.

When you trust K&M Global as commercial van breakers, we provide a quality service that leaves reliable parts; ready to be used to drive forward UK industries.

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