The role of a Fleet Manager is arduous at best and frustrating at worst, especially with the post-covid supply chain issues massively extending delivery deadlines for numerous months.

The role of fleet manager includes everything from the specification selection, procurement, budgets and operating pressure, the role is very expansive and highly pressurised. Right at the heart of the role is customer service and keeping customers, suppliers and the driving staff happy. Maintaining customer satisfaction can be critical to the role as customers are only a keystroke away from giving you a bad review.

The last thing a fleet manager wants to worry about when they deliver their new prized possession is the existing vehicle stock. After the excitement of choosing and obtaining new cars has passed, the old fleet must be disposed of, which is a frequently forgotten part of fleet management. But the job still isn’t done until every vehicle is removed from its depot, safely and securely disposed of, and paid for.

For over 30 years, Steven Dronsfield, MD of K&M Global, has been making Fleet Managers’ jobs much more straightforward. Starting with one of the world’s largest security companies, Steven made it his business to understand the risks and logistical difficulties faced by Fleet Managers daily, allowing him to empathise and help.

Steven designed and delivered a service now enjoyed by many high-profile Fleet Managers nationwide. Steven knows what he and his team have to do from the rapid collections of existing vehicles to coincide with the new vehicle deliveries providing much-needed space in the depots to the delivery and removing security risks.

K&M Global provides the Fleet Managers with a pricing matrix dependent on condition and mileage to allow financial planning by them and their Asset Managers. They are happy to settle the balance directly with the finance company if it makes it easier.

After collection by K&M experienced drivers, who are all DBS checked and trained internally on the Customer Service Level Agreement, the vehicles are anonymised. The component parts are prepared for their onward life; whether an SUV in the Middle East or replacing damaged panels on LGVs in Ukraine, almost nothing is transferred to waste.

Complemented by a suite of sophisticated software systems, all processes are documented and recorded in cloud-based systems fully compliant with ISO 27001 to ensure data is protected at all times.

The inventory system has also been developed to house the customers’ imprest stock which can be stored at K&M’s secure premises in Greater Manchester and available for overnight delivery when needed.

The stock system provides the customer with their bespoke, secure login accessed through K&M’s website, allowing the customer to undertake a full stock take with values on all their stock held. All items are imaged, and faults are highlighted to allow for accurate selection from the comfort of the Fleet Managers’ desk without expensive, lengthy physical inspection and selection.

So for all your de-fleeting processes, K&M Global has a solution and will create a bespoke service just for you.