Maersk Export Container


Situated just outside Manchester on a large secure site, K&M Global are professional importers and exporters offering container and trailer loading, worldwide shipping, and competitive prices.

Former owner of Dronsfields Ltd and Dronsfields Worldwide, Steven Dronsfield has been trading internationally within the automotive industry for over 30 years and has gained extensive knowledge and insight into the worldwide marketplace. Steven has lead K&M Global since its founding in 2017, helping to provide a luxury vehicle export service.

Complete vehicles can be loaded and delivered to the docks with all shipping paperwork completed at no extra charge. In addition, K&M Global guarantees a service that meets all vehicle export requirements.

With a large established network of national and international suppliers, K&M Global offer a leading service as a Manchester vehicle exporter.

K&M aims to provide a personal and bespoke import and export service for each client with individually tailored compliance checks to ensure that every vehicle and engine is in the best possible condition for shipping.

In-house Arabic interpreters and complimentary accommodation for travelling customers, K&M provide the complete package as a vehicle exporter.

For important and export enquiries, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.